Areas of practice

We will be pleased to advise you on all important legal issues.

Thanks to the international adjustment of our law firm and the profound training (completed law school in Germany as well as in Russia and completed business management studies in Russia), we advise you on tax and commercial issues that arise around/concerning trade and contracts of German firms already working in Russia or intending to operate there. We also advise you on commercial law questions, which arise approximately around doing business in Germany as a foreign company especially from Eastern Europe.

Due to one of our training emphasis in tax law (focus on "tax and finance" in law school at the Eberhard Karls Universität of Tübingen, activity at the tax office in the area of international tax, activity in a tax counsel office in Stuttgart) we would like to advise you on all tax and criminal tax matters.
Also with the questions in the area of Criminal Law (including juvenile criminal law), employment law and medical malpractice, immigration law, you are cordially welcome in our office.

The firm has modern technical equipment, access to the important legal and business related databases and a library(eher: literature), both for German as well as for Russian law.

We speak German, Russian, English und have basic knowledge in Serbian and Croatian.


Our firm is here to assist you in any way with your legal needs. Please contact us for a consultation of your legal rights.